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'Uncompromising performance'
This is the mission of Blauer USA - to create real working instruments, reliable garments that are perfect in every situation and circumstance. To combat cold, heat, water, without ever losing sight of comfort, lightness and fit.

In Italy, it focuses on a fashion target that loves traditional brands and originals 'made in USA', through FGF Industry, the only licensee of the brand.

It is a truly historic brand in America, the authentic design of technical apparel made for all the police forces and many selected branches of the military, such as US Navy officers or the special agents who guard the White House. For over sixty years Blauer USA has occupied an important position on the U.S. market, with its attention to the functional aspects of its apparel, as well as style and technological innovation. Completing the seasonal collections are products for men and women, as well as children from 8 to 14.