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BPD outerwear collection for both men and women, the brainchild of Enzo Fusco, owner of fgf industry, comes in a variety of models, enhanced season after season: fashion, field and bomber jackets.

The initial BPD concept has been maintained, along with its lightweight and versatile outerwear image, but offered in many different combinations of colours, fabrics and materials. The collection targets the more attentive buyer, always on the lookout for novelty and wanting to be in the front line of fashion trends, which is why it comes in a choice of techno materials like japanese-produced 15-denier micro-rip that ensures maximum strength without sacrif icing lightweight texture.

The fusion created ethereal quilted BPD bombers, so light they can be a constant companion: most, in fact, fold into a pouch inside or outside the garment, making it an indispensable town accessory. For metropolitan fashionistas the quest for style continues, always and everywhere. For them FGF INDUSTRY conceived the BPD collection of practical, stylish apparel perfect for those whose lifestyle leads them into different situations around town: a motorbike ride, an unexpected spring shower, sudden changes of temperatures.

Nylon is the basis for the items in the collection, combined with other materials like washed leather, poplin or tartan, conferring british style on a garment designed for those who spend lots of time out of the house.
The style is simple and elegant for apparel that, as the name says 'BPD BE PROUD OF THIS DRESS' makes the wearer proud of it.